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A History of Glitter and Blood

Sixteen-year-old Beckan and her friends are the only fairies brave enough to stay in Ferrum when war breaks out. Now there is tension between the immortal fairies, the subterranean gnomes, and the mysterious tightropers who arrived to liberate the fairies. But when Beckan's clan is forced to venture into the gnome underworld to survive, they find themselves tentatively forming unlikely friendships and making sacrifices they couldn't have imagined. As danger mounts, Beckan finds herself caught between her loyalty to her friends, her desire for peace, and a love she never expected. This stunning, lyrical fantasy is a powerful exploration of what makes a family, what justifies a war, and what it means to truly love....

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A History of Glitter and Blood Reviews

  • rachel • typed truths

    My Initial Reaction: Holy shit, what is this book.... I'm just, I'm just.... I don't know how this book started as a 0.5 star read that I was so close to DNF, and ended as a beautifully heart-wrenching story that I was crying and sobbing over because bloody hell do I love Scrap and just... *hyperventilates*. I don't even know what to think of this book... but I loved it, a lot. I think.

    Now: I don't think I'll ever be able to understand how this story began so awfully and ended so beautifully or

  • Lola  Reviewer

    I was so excited to read this one, when it first appeared on Goodreads, but then my excitement dwindled when I saw the cover (I’m an unapologetic coverwhore) and now, after reading 25% of the story, I’m left with a feeling of complete confusion.

    I remember very little of what I just read. The world-building lacked detail to an extreme point and the story seemed so messy with a do-this-do-that kind of plot. The characters were going from a point A to a point B with poor to no reason behind. Imper

  • Stacy

    I was lucky enough to acquire an advance copy of this book at the Texas Library Association conference. I brought it with me on the flight home, planning to read a few chapters and then catch up on my sleep.

    I did not sleep. I swallowed this book whole, marrow and meat, every uncomfortable beautiful crunchy bit of it.

    The book is like all my favorite people: complex and curious, never quite what you expect, a little uncomfortable but only because it's pushing at your boundaries, trying to make yo

  • shady boots | #TeamMizCracker

    There better be a goddamn cover soon or I'm gonna keel over from anxiety. I mean, MOSKOWITZ IS GOING THE FAIRIES ROUTE, PEOPLE. LITERAL FAIRIES THIS TIME.

    Update: That cover is eerily beautiful. I'm convinced the model is an actual fairy-- wait THAT'S A DRAWING?? Goddamn, that is AWESOME.

  • Kelsey

    "But you're not in my head really. So you're going to miss stuff. This isn't really me... You can keep doing it, if it helps. Just don't forget you're getting everything wrong," (p 148)

    I've seen a lot of negative reviews for this book and it's typically right around the time that the narrator reveals himself, breaks the fourth wall, starts yelling at himself about how he's writing it all wrong and should just stop - that's when this story either hooks or loses the reader. Either you are the type

  • Hannah

    I wrote this book! I did not do the illustrations, which are seriously unbelievable. That girl on the front is a drawing, not a model. There's another "photograph" of her inside the book, by the same illustrator. She's posing here with her dad, who's just an ear and an eye in a jar:

    There are also a ton of newspaper clippings and handwritten notes and stuff in it:

    And the playlist, of course:

    The Gymnast, High Above the Ground -- The Decemberists

    Invincible -- OK Go

    Vagabond -- Wolfmother

    Good Old-Fa

  • Rayne

    3.5 stars

    Well, fuck. I actually liked this one, definitely a hell of a lot more than everyone else here. And I can see why most people have hated this one, seeing as how I was initially very turned off by the book myself. But it grew on me, and I'm not sure I can explain how. This book is weird and strange and odd and very frustrating at times, but it was just so ridiculously different. It reminded me of the edginess of Holly Black's Modern Fairy Tale series, but with Moskowitz's unique style of

  • Wealhtheow

    The premise sounds great: fairies and gnomes live together in a tiny mining city, and if most fairies lose a body part or five to gnomes' voracious appetites, well, it comes with the territory. But then a third race starts a war, and the uneasy balance between the fairies and gnomes shifts forever.

    It's so bad. The writing style is very self-conscious and larded with "pasted in" notes a la the Froud fairy books. It reads like a fifteen year old's labored attempt to mimic Chuck Palahniuk and earl