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A love story and a journey through music, the exquisite and perfectly pitched new novel from the bestselling author of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy ...

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The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce Penguin Books The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce From the author of the world wide bestseller, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry The Music Shop Rachel Joyce Buy The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce ISBN from s Book Store Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce Goodreads The Music Shop is a beautifully written novel about a small street in a London suburb in the late s It is an homage to music, and as a lover of music myself, I found it a joy to read I savored the musical references, lyrics and band composer trivia. The Music Shop Inverness s Favourite Musical Shop Trusted with over years experience, The Music Shop offers a quality and friendly service with competitive prices Stocking a wide range of instruments, also on offer are loads of accessories, gifts and the Norths largest selection of Sheet Music. The Music Shop, Book at Bedtime BBC Radio By Rachel Joyce A love story and journey through music Read and abridged by the author. The Music Official Site The Music Shop is the home of the Allegro Music Academy in Morris Our commitment to excellence and service by our dedicated staff makes The Music Shop the number The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce review hits all the The Music Shop is a novel about people on the cusp of change and about having the courage to undergo personal transformation As with Joyce s other books, community The music shop page The Music Shop is dedicated to bringing you the best instruments with great service and advice.

The Music Shop Reviews

  • Paromjit

    This is a wonderful novel set in the late 1980s London, that evokes the culture and music of the era, and the economic decline hitting local communities and the ever encroachment of developers threatening the identity of a place, and its people. In the midst of the change taking place is Frank, running his Indie Music Shop, welcoming everyone and drawing an offbeat crowd. The CD has taken off, but Frank is not interested, preferring vinyl, in which there is a current resurgence. Amidst the growi ...more

  • Julie  Durnell

    Rachel Joyce's books are so well written for "modern novels". I enjoyed this slow romance between Frank and Ilse and music of all genres. There is even a playlist on Spotify to accompany the story's musical threads!

  • Karen

    I highly recommend this quirky and charming book, especially for music lovers. Within the bigger picture is a love letter to music masters that will touch your heart.

    It is 1988 and Frank’s world is changing. He is the owner of a dying vinyl record store located on a run-down street soon to be demolished in the name of ‘progress’. The music world is also changing but Frank is digging in his heals, refusing to move on to the new craze of cds and cassette tapes. I loved Frank’s steadfast dedication

  • Amalia Gavea

    ‘’The silence at the beginning of a piece of music is always different from the silence at the end.’’

    The blurb of this beautiful book contained two words that won me over on the spot. ‘’Music’’ and ‘’1980s’’. I was born in 1985, so technically, I am a child of the 90s, but I think that these two decades share the same spirit of a certain kind of innocence, before the coming of the new millennium and all the ‘’gifts’’ it brought (yeah, right…) I’m not a big fan of the music that conquered the 8

  • Rachel Hall

    DNF at 50%

    I won this novel courtesy of a Goodreads Giveaway and although my regular reading material is crime fiction, I am not averse to some of these whimsical novels with quirky characters and a sense of optimism that often make for a genuinely feel-good read. I loved both The Rosie Project and Effect, for example, but have never found myself drawn to the work of Rachel Joyce despite the many rave reviews I have read.

    Sadly, I found The Music Shop to be so interminably slow that at 50% I had t

  • Cindy Burnett

    The Music Shop is a beautifully written novel about a small street in a London suburb in the late 1980s. It is an homage to music, and as a lover of music myself, I found it a joy to read. I savored the musical references, lyrics and band/composer trivia. Joyce also highlights the benefits of community and relationships while crafting genuinely wonderful characters that will stay with me for a long time.

    My favorite part of the book is the focus on music and its benefits. Frank, the main characte

  • Brenda

    Frank was wandering with no particular purpose in mind when he saw the abandoned old shop with the for sale sign in front. He knew without a shadow of doubt that this was what he wanted – a quiet street, other small shops around – the shop was a mess, and Frank wasn’t that handy. But it wasn’t long before Frank’s music shop was filled with records; vinyl only – no tapes or CDs (trashy stuff!) – his records had customers coming to his door. Frank found them the music they needed, much to their as ...more

  • Celia

    I am a sucker for books about music. And music as therapy: even more so. (Did you know you can obtain a college degree in music therapy? Well, you can).

    So… about The Music Shop

    There is a music store on a dead end street in England somewhere owned by Frank. “Frank could not play music, he could not read a score, he had no practical knowledge whatsoever, but when he sat in front of a customer and truly listened, he heard a kind of song. And that’s how he helped people.”

    Frank not only helps strang