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We Were the Lucky Ones

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERInspired by the incredible true story of one Jewish family separated at the start of World War II, determined to surviveand to reuniteWe Were the Lucky Ones is a tribute to the triumph of hope and love against all oddsLove in the face of global adversity? It couldn't be more timely. GlamourIt is the spring of 1939 and three generations of the Kurc family are doing their best to live normal lives, even as the shadow of war grows closer. The talk around the family Seder table is of new babies and budding romance, not of the increasing hardships threatening Jews in their hometown of Radom, Poland. But soon the horrors overtaking Europe will become inescapable and the Kurcs will be flung to the far corners of the world, each desperately trying to navigate his or her own path to safety. As one sibling is forced into exile, another attempts to flee the continent, while others struggle to escape certain death, either by working grueling hours on empty stomachs in the factories of the ghetto or by hiding as gentiles in plain sight. Driven by an unwavering will to survive and by the fear that they may never see one another again, the Kurcs must rely on hope, ingenuity, and inner strength to persevere. An extraordinary, propulsive novel, We Were the Lucky Ones demonstrates how in the face of the twentieth centurys darkest moment, the human spirit can endure and even thrive....

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We Were the Lucky Ones Reviews

  • Anna

    As I wipe the last tears from my eyes, I am in awe of this beautiful story. What a privilege it was to learn about this incredible family. Their journeys were not easy, their heartbreaks were many, but the bonds and hope they shared are inspiring. Every time I encounter a story of the Holocaust, I am taken by the strength of the human spirit and will to survive. May we never forget the horrors inflicted on the millions of innocent people.

    5 heartfelt stars.

  • Elyse

    Audiobook ...narrated by Kathleen Gati, and Robert Fass

    I appreciate this story — the author’s personal relationship to it.....based on her Grandfather and the Kurc’s family harrowing experiences during WWII.....spanning from 1939 to 1947....

    And the Audio- voices were excellent - but when an audiobook is 15 hours long - it takes something extraordinary to keep us from drifting off into other thoughts.

    ....Sometimes — it just dragged —

    ....Other times I felt there was too much sentimentality —


  • Cheryl

    Author Georgia Hunter writes that at the age of fifteen, she found herself listening to her mother’s cousins talk about their experiences during World War II. Their large, close knit Jewish family lived happy and fulfilling lives in Poland. However, in 1939, the Nazis invaded Poland and their lives were forever changed. Georgia was especially moved when one cousin somberly remarked, “Our family, we shouldn’t have survived. Not so many of us at least. It’s a miracle in many ways. We were the luck ...more

  • Booknblues

    Every year it seems that there are new novels written about World War II and the Holocaust and one wonders if each one will hold value or be a duplication of a story told before. What makes Georgia Hunter's novel We Were the Lucky Ones rise above some other's is that it is her family's story which she has researched in detail. I found it both compelling and amazing. I couldn't put it down.

    The story shifts from several different members of Georgia's family many of whom didn't know what had happe

  • Marla

    This is such a wonderfully written story about a Jewish family struggling to survive during the war and the Holocaust. The book is a little hard to follow at first because there are so many family members and each chapter gives an update on what is happening to a different family member but once you get used to who everyone is, it's a lot easier to follow their plight. Any time I read about what the Jews went through during Hitler's reign and how especially the Polish community was decimated, it ...more

  • Quirkyreader

    Five stars all around for this story. Thanks to the Penguin Random House publishing group for sending me this book as an ARC.

    As soon as it comes out go and grab a copy. It will be a roller coaster ride you will not forget.

    It is a story of survival in Poland during World War II. Much of Poland and the Jewish community was ravaged by the Nazi regime. What unfolds in this story is just mind blowing.

  • Nicole Karlson

    This is a very special book. It's historical fiction, yet based on true events. It's about authors grandfather and his parents and siblings and their astonishing experiences during World War II. The author traveled the world researching this amazing story and her hard work is evident. I learned so much reading this, yet you can feel the authors love for her ancestors spilling from the pages. I've never read a book quite like this one, and it was a fabulous experience.

    The Kurcs are an amazing fa

  • Ann Marie (Lit·Wit·Wine·Dine)

    You can read all of my reviews at Lit.Wit.Wine.Dine

    We Were the Lucky Ones is the fictionalized account of the true story of the Kurc family and their experiences during WWII beginning in their home town of Radom, Poland in 1939. The book spans eight years as we follow the Kurc family members to several countries and continents including Austria, Italy, Argentina, South America, and Siberia, Russia as the war continues and finally ends.

    As many of you know, I read a lot of WWII fiction. This book