Read Whispers of the Dead (Special Tracking Unit #2) by Spencer Kope Online

Whispers of the Dead (Special Tracking Unit #2)

A series of bizarre murders, the victims nearly unidentifiable, forces Steps Craig to match wits with the most cold-blooded killer hes ever encountered.A pair of severed feet, stored in a portable ice chesta cooleris found in the house of a Federal judge in El Paso. The victim is unknown and unidentifiable. The reason the killer went to such troublebreaking into the judges houseand what message he intends to send are both mysteries.Magnus Steps Craig is part of the elite three-man Special Tracking Unit of the FBI. Called in on special cases where his skills are especially indispensable, he works as a tracker. Steps is renowned for his incredible ability to find and follow trails over any surface better than anyone else. But theres a secret to his success. The Special Tracking Unit is called in to investigate, using Steps special skills to try and identify the victim and track down the killer. Steps has a kind of synesthesia, an ability that allows him to see whatever a person has touched in a unique colorwhat Steps calls shine. His ability is known to only a few peoplehis father, the director of the FBI, and his partner, Special Agent Jimmy Donovan. The Special Tracking Unit soon discovers another, earlier victim; again, only the feet were left behind in an icebox. With few clues besides the body parts left behind, Steps and his team find themselves enmeshed in the most difficult case of their careers. And The Icebox Killer has only just begun....

Title : Whispers of the Dead (Special Tracking Unit #2)
Author :
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ISBN : 9781250072887
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 325 pages
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Whispers of the Dead (Special Tracking Unit #2) Reviews

  • Emily

    I couldn’t put this book down once I started it. I’m truly impressed with this book. It was well written, well developed, and it easily brought someone into the story and world of Steps and Jimmy even if they hadn’t read the first book. It was super easy to follow, it kept me on edge and I constantly wanted more about what was going on with IBK. All of the stand-alone IBK scenes were so well-written and suspenseful that I didn’t want them to end, but wanted more of them.

    I loved how well develope

  • Sue Plant

    would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for letting me read this intriguing book

    wow steps has a talent...he can see shine...and it tells its own story of our daily lives, and through this talent he can track and find out who what and where has been murdered or lost or even kidnapped... and along the way him and his buddy work tracking people down

    not many people know this talent of steps only his one work buddy jimmy,the rest of the crew just think they are a successful pair of trackers


  • Karen

    Terrific read. Loved it and am eagerly awaiting the next installment in this great series.

  • Cathy Cole

    In 2016, Spencer Kope wowed me with his first Special Tracking Unit mystery, Collecting the Dead, and I'm thrilled to say that he hasn't taken his foot off the gas for Whispers of the Dead. There's a razor-sharp investigation here, as well as a fast pace, and a group of characters who are more like family than mere work colleagues.

    The way Kope puts the clues and the investigation together is completely absorbing, partly due to Steps' special gift of synesthesia. An FBI tracker can't go to the po

  • Kathy

    4.5 stars.

    Whispers of the Dead by Spencer Kope is an innovative mystery starring a protagonist with an unusual skill that is utilized while solving murders. This second installment in the Special Tracking Unit series can stand on its own, but I highly recommend Collecting the Dead as well.

    Tracker Magnus "Steps" Craig and his partner Special Agent Jimmy Donovan are two members of the FBI's Special Tracking Unit. Steps has an unusual ability to "see" a person's "shine" (aura) and this allows him t

  • Elizabeth

    series of bizarre murders, the victims nearly unidentifiable, forces “Steps” Craig to match wits with the most cold-blooded killer he’s ever encountered.

    A pair of severed feet, stored in a portable ice chest—a cooler—is found in the house of a Federal judge in El Paso. The victim is unknown and unidentifiable. The reason the killer went to such trouble—breaking into the judge’s house—and what message he intends to send are both mysteries.

    Magnus “Steps” Craig is part of the elite three-man Specia

  • Timothy

    A year ago, I discovered a thriller by a new author, Spencer Kope. The book was "Collecting the Dead" and was one of the best and most unique thrillers of the last 10 years. I considered myself fortunate due to the fact that I took a chance on a book that just sounded interesting. I have regular correspondence with Mr. Kope an he is also a very nice guy. So, imagine my happiness while searching NetGalley for some titles and there before my eyes was book #2 of the now titled, Special Tracking Uni ...more

  • Linda

    I love the unusual concept of being able to see a killer and victim's aura, or "shine" as Magnus calls it to track a killer and bring him to justice.

    In this case, as you learn the circumstances that turns a normal, caring person into a serial killer you may find yourself sympathizing with him and understanding why he did what he did.

    The ending is a nail biter and I anxiously await the next one in this remarkable series.