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A young girl in Harlem discovers slam poetry as a way to understand her mothers religion and her own relationship to the world. Debut novel of renowned slam poet Elizabeth Acevedo.Xiomara Batista feels unheard and unable to hide in her Harlem neighborhood. Ever since her body grew into curves, she has learned to let her fists and her fierceness do the talking.But Xiomara has plenty she wants to say, and she pours all her frustration and passion onto the pages of a leather notebook, reciting the words to herself like prayersespecially after she catches feelings for a boy in her bio class named Aman, who her family can never know about. With Mamis determination to force her daughter to obey the laws of the church, Xiomara understands that her thoughts are best kept to herself.So when she is invited to join her schools slam poetry club, she doesnt know how she could ever attend without her mami finding out, much less speak her words out loud. But still, she cant stop thinking about performing her poems.Because in the face of a world that may not want to hear her, Xiomara refuses to be silent....

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The Poet X Reviews

  • Dannii Elle

    Actual rating 4.5/5 stars.

    The Poet X follows teen, Xiomara Batista, as she uses her own poetry, and enters into the world of slam poetry, in an attempt to understand her divorced feelings from her religion, her tumultuous relationship with her family, and her own identity and place in this world.

    My first book written in verse has proven to me that it can compete with wordier or lengthier pieces of prose for emotional impact and how deeply it could resonate with me. I found line after line that I

  • Laurie Anderson

    A story that will slam the power of poetry and love back into your heart!! Highly recommended!

  • K.

    Trigger warnings: racism, misogyny, parental abuse, forced involvement in religion??

    This is a beautiful novel written in verse. Xiomara's voice is so powerful, and I loved the way the story unfolded. I loved her relationship with her twin brother, and how well her family and community were portrayed in the story.

    Her relationship with her mother complicated and it changes so much over the course of the story. There's a lot of really great stuff in here about teenage girls dealing with th

  • Tomi Adeyemi

    #ThePoetX was so beautiful that I didn’t want to highlight it or dog ear pages, so I just took pictures basically every page

    This was the type of book where “I’ll just do 50 pages” turned into finishing it in 2 reads

    I felt very emotional reading this book, not just because the story and the words themselves were so beautiful, but because I knew it was going to make so many teens who felt like no one cares about them or listens to them feel seen.

    I also knew that if I had had books like this or Lo

  • Scarlett

    4.5 Poetic stars!

    Absolutely adore this!

    Poet X stands for Xiomoara’s name. And she is amazing!

    In an autobiographical way, she tells her coming of age story in poetic verse. Her family emigrated from the Dominican Republic and they live in Harlem, NY. X’s mother is a very devout Christian and raises her children to be good and to obey. Their second home is the church and Christian community they belong to. Father Sean knows X’s family and her siblings all her life.

    X begins to tell her story of her

  • ellie

    i don’t know how to write good poetry but i suddenly want to try bc of this book. so here, have a haiku:

    incredible, is

    how i would describe this book

    but it is miles beyond

    okay, so it’s been a week and I’m finally ready to talk about this book. first of all: XIOMARA. everything about xiomara. every time i want to talk about her i feel like im talking about a friend, or someone i know, because she is so real. she is so present. i understand her so much. i think my one complaint is the ending - it w

  • Kelly

    A really moving, powerful verse novel about growing up as a Dominican American girl in Harlem and the pressures to follow and behave according to a strictly-religious mother and the desire to indulge in one's own passions and interests. Xiomara is a fabulous poet, and the verse format in this novel works well to render her story.

    Acevedo's exploration of faith and being a first-generation American will resonate with many readers, as will Xiomara's passion for writing. I thought that the secondar

  • Kate (beautifulbookland)

    I’m not a fan of poetry, I’m not really smart or arty enough to understand it.

    So why did I request a book about poetry on NetGalley?

    Good question. I have no idea.

    I can appreciate poetry, however, and Elizabeth’s writing is very beautiful, even if I did have to read it a few times to understand what was happening.

    The Poet X is told in verse, and follows Xiomara as she navigates life as a Dominican girl with a thick figure that draws unwanted attention, and an overly religious mother who tries