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Star (44 Chapters #3)

Because BB Easton had so much fun writing her best-selling, award-winning memoir, 44 CHAPTERS ABOUT 4 MEN, she decided to give each of her four men his own steamy stand-alone. STAR is Hanss booka real-life rock star romancewith a twist. In 1999, Brooke BB Bradley met her Prince Charming. He was the tall, tattooed, wickedly handsome bass player for the up-and-coming rock band, Phantom Limb. But, more importantly, he was hers. She knew it the moment he flashed her that shy, dimpled smile. And he knew it too. Hansel Hans Oppenheimer wore his heart on one sleeve and scrawled lyrics about BB on the other. Unlike the assholes of her past, he showered her with tenderness, took her places shed never been before, and showed her the type of all-consuming love shed thought only existed in fairy tales. But, like any good fairy tale, BBs road to happily ever after was paved with challenges, and right when she least expected itit forked.In 1999, Brooke BB Bradley met her Prince Charming.In 2000, she met her soul mate....

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Star (44 Chapters #3) Reviews

  • Mollie

    BB is the real magician here!

    I consider myself a tough critic. It takes a lot for me to hate a book, but it takes even more to get me to that fangirl level high love you will be sensing from me in just a minute.

    I’m stumped. I don’t know how to review this sorcery! All I wanna do is fangirl. If you’ve ever read a BB Easton book, I’m sure you know the feeling. And if you haven’t, it’s time you do. She will speak your language. TRUST. ME.

    I read so many books that they start to blend together. Knowi

  • Lo Bookfrantic


    Genre: Romance

    Type: Standalone Book 3 of 4 from 44 Chapter series

    POV: First Person - Female 



    ❝ Hans  didn't belong to someone else. He never had. He'd been mine since the dawn of time.❞


    Brooke (BB) Bradley was bound to move on from her last dramatic relationship.  She meets a talented musician and even thought she didn't except to fall for him fast she was excited for a new change in her life. 


    Hansel (Hans) Oppenheimer looked like a total bad boy but he was so darn cu ...more

  • Anne ·curlingtoesbooktalk·

    STAR is the continuation of a detailed saga of a young BB coming of age. This is a fascinating insight into the narrator's journey of her kaleidoscope life. The third installment to BB Easton's 44 Chapters about 4 Men , she now let us meet the rockstar who once caught her under his spell...until it was broken.

    It is actually a pleasant gift the author gave us because with Easton sharing her story of love, loss and life, she let us travel back on her journey of finding her real prince ( ...more

  • Aimee Salter

    Author BB Easton has done it again. I keep expecting these books to lose their fascination for me, and they never do.

    I stumbled across Easton's original memoir, 44 Chapters About 4 Men, and was so excited when, at the end, she expressed a desire to write the individual stories of the relationships with these fascinating (and intense) men.

    While the spin off books are novels, the ring of truth continues--they are, without exception, touching, hilarious, frightening, and thought-provoking.

    In this

  • warhawke

    Genre: Romance

    Type: Standalone Book 3 of 4 from 44 Chapter series

    POV: First Person - Female


    Brooke (BB) Bradley was slowly mending from her last relationship. The scar (literally and figuratively) was still fresh, but she was determined to start anew. So when she caught the attention of a musician, she readily jumped headfirst.

    Hansel (Hans) Oppenheimer was a demon on the outside but an angel on the inside. As a bass player of an up and coming band, his music was his number one passion un

    Hans was showing me that my very flesh was worthy of affection all by itself. Even the scars.

    I'd like to confess I didn't remember Hans much from 44 Chapters About 4 Men, but he certainly left an impression in this one. He made me all swoony with his sweetness, kindness and generosity.

    I’d finally found the perfect man, and I was doomed to watch other women try to fuck him for the rest of eternity.

    I'm glad that BB finally started showing some maturity. I like her free spirit but she tended to self-sabotage. It was good to see how she learned to recognize her self-worth.

    I enjoyed the overall story. Hans and BB fell in love fast and hard. Even though the timeframe was short, their love felt like a sweeping saga - with vices and rock n' roll of course. I love all the secondary characters especially Trip and Jason.

    He’d done what I’d never been able to do for myself. He’d shown me my worth. And one day, when I was less angry, I’d thank him for it.

    Star is a story of being loved the way one deserves. Knight will always be my number one, but Hans is close second. Ken better up his game in next book in this tough competition haha!

    Books in the series:

    🎸 🎼 🎸 . . . (F)BR With Loyda . . . 🎸 🎼 🎸

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  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤

    I loved it!!!



  • Kris

    I have been aching for Hans and BBs story so hard.  SO HARD.  And let me tell you that it was worth the wait.  One thing that I love about Easton’s writing is that she doesn’t drag you along for however long in a story for a build up.  NOPE.  No hesitation in her story telling, she jumps right into the lap of Hans on the very first page and has you hooked.  Really hooked, like, I avoided my Ambien last night so that I wouldn’t have to stop reading and now my life sucks today because, well, no sl ...more

  • Rachael

    I feel like I can't even begin to adequately review "Star" by BB Easton. From page one, I knew I was in for a love story that not only brought me back to my teenage years, but also made me want to be a little bit bad. Unashamed in her love, and her desire to be loved in return, BB embraces Hans in an epic whirlwind of emotions, drugs, alcohol and changes. Hans and BB love so very hard, and you can feel the depth of their connection through BB's incredibly inspiring and moving descriptions. I wis ...more