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Look Alive Out There

From the New York Times-bestselling author Sloane Crosley comes Look Alive Out Therea brand-new collection of essays filled with her trademark hilarity, wit, and charm. The characteristic heart and punch-packing observations are back, but with a newfound coat of maturity. A thin coat. More of a blazer, really.Fans of I Was Told There'd Be Cake and How Did You Get This Number know Sloane Crosley's life as a series of relatable but madcap misadventures. In Look Alive Out There, whether it's scaling active volcanoes, crashing shivas, playing herself on Gossip Girl, befriending swingers, or staring down the barrel of the fertility gun, Crosley continues to rise to the occasion with unmatchable nerve and electric one-liners. And as her subjects become more serious, her essays deliver not just laughs but lasting emotional heft and insight. Crosley has taken up the gauntlets thrown by her predecessorsDorothy Parker, Nora Ephron, David Sedarisand crafted something rare, affecting, and true.Look Alive Out There arrives on the tenth anniversary of I Was Told There'd be Cake, and Crosley's essays have managed to grow simultaneously more sophisticated and even funnier. And yet she's still very much herself, and it's great to have her backand not a moment too soon (or late, for that matter)....

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Look Alive Out There Reviews

  • Mandolin

    This is the first Crosley book I've read; unlike other reviewers, I have nothing with which to compare it. I found the essays funny, insightful, and full of the just-right amount of snarkiness that I thoroughly enjoy. There were, I will admit, moments when I didn't quite understand her turn of phrase or felt like saying, "Get to the point already" but, overall, I found the compilation enjoyable and relatable. I liked that she saves the best for last; her essay on fertility and the pressure that ...more

  • Jonny Carmack


    What intrigued me about this book was the opening essay. I thought it was very well crafted with the right balance of humor and relatable annoyance when it comes to our interactions with strangers on the street. I laughed out loud at the end of that essay and thought, "this is going to be good."

    ..and it was. For the most part. Like most essay/short story collections, there were some I was interested in and others I wasn't. Unfortunately, a few essays that I had no interest in reading were pr

  • Jody

    I still really like Crosley even after not liking her last two books (this and The Clasp). I think that she knows where she wants to end an essay and then works to get there; however, rarely do I think she makes it. The ending of the final essay in this collection left me particularly cold because of the final line which, after more digging and excavation, could have been a big payday; however, it was too "heartwarming" an ending to warrant the entire essay that had come before it. Which is the ...more

  • Jennifer

    I love collections of short comedic essays. (In my opinion, there aren't enough out there ... but perhaps I should start reading blogs again!) Sloane Crosley is one of the few practitioners that I'm aware of whose essays are published in book form. This latest collection was a fun and easy read. I enjoy her turns of phrase, view of life and relatability. My only quibbles were:

    * a few awkward sentences that I couldn't understand how they made it through the editing process (Seriously ... I reread

  • Cheeky Delinquent

    In her 2008 debut, I Was Told There’d Be Cake, Sloane Crosley established herself as a humorous essayist to be reckoned with, inviting comparisons to masters of the form like David Sedaris, Dorothy Parker, and Sarah Vowell, and landing its author on the New York Times bestseller list. In the fifteen essays that comprise that collection, Crosley held forth on every-day subjects such as the irritating circus of Manhattan real estate, dating in one’s twenties, losing one’s wallet, and being single ...more

  • Sharon

    Despite not being an author who is famous enough to be invited to do a walk on for a popular tv show, or having a distant relative who is a retired porn star, or having any desire to go mountain climbing under less than stellar (or really any) circumstances, it's amazing how often Crosley manages to connect with the average reader.

    Alternating moments of "I can't believe that happened to her" with "I could completely see that happening to me", I laughed out loud and enjoyed every moment of this

  • Dismas

    Crosley can write decently enough but her stories are the equivalent of cotton candy: pleasant enough but evanescent and leaves a cloying sweet aftertaste. The stories are pretty mundane: being annoyed by rich kids living next door, striking up a relationship with a sad neighbor, mistaken identity, climbing some mountain for no apparent reason than a story topic, having to buy back her domain name, relationship problems, and freezing her eggs.

    It’s all told in a charming, self deprecating manner

  • Alexis

    Maybe I am biased, as I Was Told There'd Be Cake was one of the formative books of my young adult life, positing Sloane as my literary drunk aunt or someone like that-- but to be fair, holding her previous works to such regard made me nervous to read Look Alive Out There because what is she failed me?!? Nonetheless, Sloane did it again: 240 pages of essays that made me cry from both laughter and sentiment; often, both at the same time. This book is a tribute to the ways in which the ordinary hap ...more