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Head On (Lock In #2)

John Scalzi returns with Head On, the standalone follow-up to the New York Times bestselling and critically acclaimed Lock In. Chilling near-future SF with the thrills of a gritty cop procedural, Head On brings Scalzi's trademark snappy dialogue and technological speculation to the future world of sports.Hilketa is a frenetic and violent pastime where players attack each other with swords and hammers. The main goal of the game: obtain your opponents head and carry it through the goalposts. With flesh and bone bodies, a sport like this would be impossible. But all the players are threeps, robot-like bodies controlled by people with Hadens Syndrome, so anything goes. No one gets hurt, but the brutality is real and the crowds love it.Until a star athlete drops dead on the playing field.Is it an accident or murder? FBI Agents and Haden-related crime investigators, Chris Shane and Leslie Vann, are called in to uncover the truthand in doing so travel to the darker side of the fast-growing sport of Hilketa, where fortunes are made or lost, and where players and owners do whatever it takes to win, on and off the field....

Title : Head On (Lock In #2)
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780765388919
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 335 pages
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Head On (Lock In #2) Reviews

  • FanFiAddict

    Another Scalzi book, narrated by Wil Wheaton, that I crushed in less than two (2) days. That should give you some inclination as to how enjoyable and engrossing the two (2) novels in this series have been. In Head On, the sequel to Lock In, we venture into the future world of professional sports and the investigation surrounding the death of a star athlete. 

    Hilketa is a brutal and fast-paced game played with hammers and swords. The goal being to lop off your opponent's head by any means necessar

  • Jenny Baker

    This is my least favorite Scalzi novel to date, but this wasn't bad at all. I enjoyed it, but I wasn't as wowed as I was with Lock In and Old Man's War. The summary says that you can read this as a standalone, but I recommend that you read Lock In first.

    It took at least 50 pages for me to get into this. Once the story picked up I loved it, but there were too many ups and downs for me. One minute I was glued to the book and the next I was a little bored. I just wish there had been more consisten

  • Bradley

    This is a super easy read that hits all the fun spots for all you folks who're into Sports, Mysteries, and great concept SF filled with robots designed for tele-reality and virtual reality.

    I'm one of those readers who are very partial to the SF stuff and I like a good mystery, too, so I had a great time on that alone. But here's the funny part: the sports aspect is unique as hell and full of some great twists. :) Such as getting your head pulled off during the play to be used as a football. As p

  • Robert

    If you liked Lock In you will probably like this. If you like murder mysteries and aren't opposed to SF you'll probably like this. If you liked anything else Scalzi has written you'll probably like this. And if you like witness protection cats, you will definitely like this!

    It doesn't repeat the whole subtext of Lock In and doesn't really replace that subtext with anything, but it tells an amusing tale of smart-arsery, corruption, murder, arson, wanton destruction of telefactors - and a cat call

  • Jilly

    *Shakes Fist at John Scalzi!!!*

    Damn you, Scalzi! We still don't know if Chris is a male or female. You just like mind-fucking us don't you?

    Come on!!

    Now who's messing with us? VEGAN cookies? Eww... no thanks, I'll have crab juice instead.

    Chris is out narrator and he/she is in the FBI, and look, I'm just going to assign Chris a gender right now because I'm not writing out he/she for every stupid thing I say. Chris is a girl. I've declared it because:

    1. I want Chris to be a girl because she's so fr

  • Mike

    Review for Lock In.

    Scalzi continues the great momentum he built up in Lock In with this excellent sequel. Once again the daring duo of Chris (of the indeterminate gender) and Van find themselves involved in a complex investigation that intersects with the Haden community. In this case Hilketa, a sport that combines football with gladiatorial combat and robot bodies. Of course all is not as it appears, billions of dollars in investments are at risk, and death is always just around the corner.

    As f

  • Donna Backshall

    Dare I say this was better than Lock In?

    With each new novel, John Scalzi renews his spot (in this reader's opinion) as the science fiction master of world building, character development and frank dialogue. He genuinely *gets* people and how they interact, and translates this understanding to the page with such ease.

    If you're not reading Scalzi -- or listening to his audio books, narrated brilliantly by Wil Wheaton -- you are truly missing out.

  • Suzanne

    This is basically a mystery with a really cool setting. I enjoyed it! I liked the premise a lot, and I especially enjoyed the first part and getting back into the world.