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From bestselling comic-book franchise writer Charles Soule comes a clever and witty first novel of a twentysomething New Yorker who wakes up one morning with the power to predict the futureperfect for fans of Joe Hill and Brad Meltzer, or books like This Book Is Full of Spiders and Welcome to Night Vale.Knowledge is power. So when an unassuming Manhattan bassist named Will Dando awakens from a dream one morning with 108 predictions about the future in his head, he rapidly finds himself the most powerful man in the world. Protecting his anonymity by calling himself the Oracle, he sets up a heavily guarded Web site with the help of his friend Hamza to selectively announce his revelations. In no time, global corporations are offering him millions for exclusive access, eager to profit from his prophecies.He's also making a lot of high-powered enemies, from the President of the United States and a nationally prominent televangelist to a warlord with a nuclear missile and an assassin grandmother. Legions of cyber spies are unleashed to hack the Siteas it's come to be calledand the best manhunters money can buy are deployed not only to unmask the Oracle but to take him out of the game entirely. With only a handful of people he can trustincluding a beautiful journalistit's all Will can do to simply survive, elude exposure, and protect those he loves long enough to use his knowledge to save the world.Delivering fast-paced adventure on a global scale as well as sharp-witted satire on our concepts of power and faith, Marvel writer Charles Soule's audacious debut novel takes readers on a rollicking ride where it's impossible to predict what will happen next....

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The Oracle Year Reviews

  • Renée (bookishblissandbeauty)

    *I received a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

    Combining the pace of a thriller with the epic, dare I say ridiculous and far fetched plot of a comic book (in the best way possible), Soule keeps it all together with approachable characters. In comic book fashion, readers are given a situation that quickly unfolds, however some readers may be irked that some of world-building or plot devices are not fully explained - you kind of just have to go with it. At one point

  • Jessica

    I really enjoyed this one! I listened to the audiobook instead of reading it, which was probably a mistake because I don't absorb the information in audiobooks as well and I feel like I missed a lot of details (crazy, bonkers details) near the end. A reread will probably bring this up to 5 stars :)

    I'd never have guessed that this was a first novel, but I'm not surprised it's good-- I've been reading and enjoying Soule's comics work for years. Hopefully we'll get a follow up soon!

  • Lou

    “Someone out there could predict the future. The Oracle.”

    Dear society

    A site has gone viral excreting rhetoric and predictions of the fates our people. There is a new entity trying to remove you from your beliefs and claim power upon this earth, it has set in motion a clockwork of gears and doom is impeding pandemonium is near. Does the Oracle have our safety in mind, what does it gain from all these predictions, a false prophet is amongst us, a charlatan , and I hear no talk of God in its statem

  • Tammy

    I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.The nitty-gritty: A fast-paced thriller with a sci-fi sensibility, this debut is not to be missed!

    Veteran comic book writer Charles Soule asks some thought-provoking questions in his debut novel, The Oracle Year , but he makes sure his readers are having a blast while pondering those questions. I had so much fun reading this book, and l can’t

  • Jena

    "Anything can happen, Will Dando thought. In the next five seconds, in the next five years. Anything at all."

    One morning Will Dando woke up with 108 predictions ringing loudly in his mind. They were specific, and seemed to make no real sense. He wasn't even sure it was real. Except he couldn't get them out of his head. Then they started coming true.

    Armed with this random knowledge, he sets up an impenetrable website calling himself The Oracle. Suddenly, Will Dando is no longer a nameless struggl

  • Samantha Irby


  • Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote)

    You can find my review on my blog by clicking here.

    You know that conflicted mental state where you wonder if what is to come is a pleasant surprise or a complete disappointment? Just imagine when one of your favourite singer of all time decides to enter the movie business, or your favourite athlete wants to spice up his biography by fully actualizing themselves through music. It’s how I felt when I got my hands on Charles Soule’s The Oracle Year. Known as the best-selling comic book writer who g

  • Loring Wirbel

    When a comics and graphic-novel author like Charles Soule attempts his first traditional text-bound novel, the results could either be dreadful or a rollicking good time, and Soule has fallen into the latter camp. Characters and events can display a little melodramatic quality, to be sure, but that more or less goes with the territory. There are many loose ends and eye-rolling moments in The Oracle Year, but at the end of the day, Soule spins a good yarn.

    What makes the novel personally exasperat