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Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I've Loved

A divinity professor and young mother with a Stage IV cancer diagnosis explores the pain and joy of living without certainty.Thirty-five-year-old Kate Bowler was a professor at the school of divinity at Duke, and had finally had a baby with her childhood sweetheart after years of trying, when she began to feel jabbing pains in her stomach. She lost thirty pounds, chugged antacid, and visited doctors for three months before she was finally diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer.As she navigates the aftermath of her diagnosis, Kate pulls the reader deeply into her life, which is populated with a colorful, often hilarious collection of friends, pastors, parents, and doctors, and shares her laser-sharp reflections on faith, friendship, love, and death. She wonders why suffering makes her feel like a loser and explores the burden of positivity. Trying to relish the time she still has with her son and husband, she realizes she must change her habit of skipping to the end and planning the next move. A historian of the "American prosperity gospel"--the creed of the mega-churches that promises believers a cure for tragedy, if they just want it badly enough--Bowler finds that, in the wake of her diagnosis, she craves these same "outrageous certainties." She wants to know why it's so hard to surrender control over that which you have no control. She contends with the terrifying fact that, even for her husband and child, she is not the lynchpin of existence, and that even without her, life will go on.On the page, Kate Bowler is warm, witty, and ruthless, and, like Paul Kalanithi, one of the talented, courageous few who can articulate the grief she feels as she contemplates her own mortality....

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Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I've Loved Reviews

  • Cherie Lowe

    This book should be required reading for anyone who will die or knows someone who will die. Hint: that's all of us. Kate Bowler reminds us of the thin thread of mortality, struggling through the doubts and questions any person of faith considers when contemplating the meaning of life and the purpose (if any) of suffering.

    While weighty in concept, this book holds in tandem a bright optimism grounded with a gritty reality. A horror story collides head on with a love story as Bowler offers her mem

  • Valerie O'loughlin

    Sad and heartbreaking, yet witty and humorous at the same time, Kate Bowler writes about her Stage IV colon cancer diagnosis, her steps towards extending her life, and trying to reconcile her diagnosis with the Prosperity gospel. Her dark humor creates laugh out loud moments in narratives that typically are devoid of humor. Her appendices that list what you should NEVER say or do to a terminal patient, vs. what would be appreciated, are humorous and awesome!

  • Riva Sciuto

    At thirty-five years old, Kate Bowler returns home from the doctor one day with a Stage IV cancer diagnosis. This disrupts her entire universe, forcing her reevaluate her longstanding belief that God has a plan for all of us and that everything happens for a reason. This is particularly challenging for a Divinity professor who grew up in a Mennonite community in which all things -- good and evil -- are attributed to "God's plan."

    And that's why I like this memoir: because Kate Bowler discovers th

  • Samantha Price

    I feel like I get to be honest here. I don’t have to feel bad for this woman (although, I do), but I do feel like I can judge in a more non-biased view given my own Stage IV diagnosis. Every cancer memoir or article that is published is going to influence people’s view about our illness, mortality, etc. Here’s the thing - none of us can know what’s to come and religion won’t tell us the truth. To me, she explored (and over shared) her religion and didn’t talk much about anything else. This was m ...more

  • Jane

    Bowler helps her readers become aware of how hurtful well-meant comments can be when we try to comfort those stricken by disease and tragedy. She skillfully traces the history of her fight with cancer.

    She places her book in the context of her expertise in the prosperity gospel movement, the focus of her graduate study. I was gritting my teeth as I followed her narrative of suffering from comments made by adherents of this movement and wondering why she did not depend more on her Mennonite faith

  • Kimberly Zimmerman

    I just finished reading Kate Bowler's Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I've Loved, a memoir of her life before and with incurable Stage IV colon cancer. If you're like me and tend to shy away from books about terminal illness, you might think it will be a dark, depressing, hopeless tale that will leave you in tears and in a blue mood for a week.

    This book isn't like that. Kate is smart, funny, and endearingly honest with how she faces this illness day by day. She has a young son an

  • Alex Stroshine

    Kate Bowler's memoir recounts how just as she was experiencing the joys of her work and newborn son she was stricken with terminal cancer. An expert on the American prosperity gospel, Bowler weaves her story through with meditations on marriage, motherhood, family, faith, and fate. She is bluntly honest at points and cries out in desperation as she asks God to let her live. A very moving memoir from a spunky believer.

  • Ginny Tincher

    Please read this. It will wreck you in a good way.