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How to Be Safe

Former Teacher Had Motive. Recently suspended for a so-called outburst, high school English teacher Anna Crawford is stewing over the injustice at home when she is shocked to see herself named on television as a suspect in a shooting at the school where she works. Though she is quickly exonerated, and the actual teenage murderer identified, her life is nevertheless held up for relentless scrutiny and judgment as this quiet town descends into media mania. Gun sales skyrocket, victims are transformed into martyrs, and the rules of public mourning are ruthlessly enforced. Anna decides to wholeheartedly reject the culpability shes somehow been assigned, and the rampant sexism that comes with it, both in person and online. A piercing feminist howl written in trenchant prose, How to Be Safe is a compulsively readable, darkly funny expos of the hypocrisy that ensues when illusions of peace are shattered....

Title : How to Be Safe
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ISBN : 9781631494130
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 240 pages
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How to Be Safe Reviews

  • Susan

    3.5 stars/5

    This alternated between brilliance and WTF weirdness. Don't get me wrong, I love me some weirdness but in this case it distracted from the story and the very important messages within. I would have sworn this was written by a woman because the author absolutely nails the experience of being a woman. The everyday harassment, male expectations of women, rape culture in general. He just gets it and skewers it. It was darkly funny and thought provoking. I felt like I didn't fully understa

  • FrumpBurger

    When a school shooting rocks a safe small Midwestern town, suspended high school teacher Anna Crawford is temporarily a suspect. What follows on the pages of this novel is Anna both unraveling and contemplating the concept of safety in our modern age. Unfortunately timely given the events of the last week, this book also deals head on--but artfully--with issues of gun control, mental health, sexism, and the phenomenon of entitled, angry boys committing unspeakable violence. With a deeply flawed ...more

  • Diane S ☔

    Another timely read taken right out of our news headlines, a school shooting and a teacher, Anna, who though she had nothing to do with the shooting, is said to have a motive. After that many don't care if she is guilty or not, she has been indicted by the news networks. This reads like everything we see on our news channels, the talking heads and their suppositions, the rerunning of footage, the thoughts about the shooter, etc. The victims are portrayed, could something they had done in their p ...more

  • Staci

    My daughter won this book in a Goodreads giveaway and I got to it before she did. I loved the tone of the book and all of the author’s thoughts and the ideas expressed. I found myself marking passages and ideas that were outstanding, which I rarely do while reading. It was very thought-provoking and, even though I didn’t “feel” the main character as being a woman, I was impressed with the writing style and the emotions that the story provoked. Well done!

  • Kelly

    It was very eerie and sobering to be reading a novel about a school shooting and then to check the news and find out about another school shooting happening in real life. The book is certainly written on a timely subject, and by a skilled wordsmith. Anna Crawford is a high school teacher who has been suspended for an "outburst." During her suspension, a massive school shooting occurs. Anna is at first considered a suspect because of her previous behavior and sometimes fiery talk and disposition. ...more

  • Laura

    Got an ARC. Thanks Norton!

    I've read a couple of novels about school shootings so I wasn't sure I wanted another but it gave a new perspective. From a woman who was originally a suspect and suffering from depression and alcoholism. She is such a flawed protagonist but is hyper-aware of the town's reaction to the tragedy and is not immune to also giving into fear.

    Beautifully written! Will watch Tom McAllister!

  • Vicki

    Intense! I couldn't put it down.

  • Ben

    Funny, wise, imaginative, and fierce. Anna Crawford is a character I'll remember for a long time: a worldly, bitter, savvy sense of humor floating on top of an ocean of empathy and pain and longing.