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Lead Me Home (Fight for Me #3)

Fourteen years ago, my life changed forever.My sister disappeared. That day I was selfish. That day I chose myself over her. And that day, I lost everything. Including Nikki Walters. She's the girl Ive loved my whole life. Shes gorgeous. Caring. Every single thing Ive ever wanted but denied myself. She was my sisters best friend, and I destroyed any chance of keeping her. When her safety is threatened, I have a second chance to do the right thing. But as soon as she moves in, I want her in all the wrong ways. All it takes is a brush of her hand, and Im losing all control.The fire between us is only burning hotter.But neither of us saw what was coming. And it just might be Nikki Walters who destroys me in the end.The highly anticipated sexy, suspenseful stand-alone second-chance romance from NYT Bestselling Author, A.L. Jackson....

Title : Lead Me Home (Fight for Me #3)
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Lead Me Home (Fight for Me #3) Reviews

  • Karen Mc

    Second-chance romances where soulmates find themselves together again are MY KRYPTONITE, and A.L. Jackson’s words are my soul-slayers and heart-hitters. Together, they are unstoppable! A.L. Jackson wrote such a HEARTBREAKING and HEARTWARMING second-chance romance—the perfect story for Ollie and Nikki, and my favorite in this series—that I don’t think I can write enough words to accurately describe how LEAD ME HOME made me feel. UNEQUIVOCALLY MOVING and UNRELENTING, Lead Me Home is a FORCE OF FEE

    He was an enigma.

    A veiled mystery.

    A cliffhanger waiting to be written.

    Nikki, this gorgeous gal and splash of sunshine, I adored her! Her story shattered me too, and her ability to light up the darkest situation wowed me. One powerful and inspirational heroine.

    This girl was a wave getting ready to take me under. And I didn’t think she’d ever let me up for air.

    I didn’t have to read but a few words to know that this book was going to break me. Lead Me Home didn’t just break me; this devastatingly beautiful book ANNIHILATED ME! Lead Me Home led me around by the heart where I was the earth and it was the sun, pulling me toward every word. A force of feels. I FELT EVERY ounce of sweetness, smolder, swoon, heartbreak, hope, and happiness. I FELT this hero and heroines’ story as if it were mine. I felt every emotion in a story that MEANT AND MEANS THE WORLD!

    ”I will ruin you, Nik. We both know it.”

    “You ruined me a long time ago.”

    Each word a spark.

    Each spark a feel.

    Each feel on fire.

    Word for word.

    Tear for tear.

    Feel for feel.



    ”I would kill for you, Nikki. Die for you.”

    THIS Robin Hood romance-like line MELTED me into a puddle. This knight of a hero SLAYED me with SWOON. So much swoon! Sweet sigh. A man willing to kill and sacrifice for his lady is the definition of honor and hero. SO MUCH SWOON!!!

    ”How am I looking at you.”

    “Like I mean something.”

    “You mean everything.”

    A STUNNING and SOUL-SHATTERING second-chance romance of survival, salvation, and slow-burning love, Lead Me Home will claim your heart in a tale with a heartbeat of its own. Lead Me Home tugged my heart from the very first page ... CLAIMING IT ... CLAIMING ME. The lyrical-like Lead Me Home sang to me like a heartfelt country ballad—so full of sweetness and sorrow—so full of heart and soul. My heart is still stuck in this story—my sunshine and my storm—an emotional journey I didn’t want to ever end.

    The man who had wrecked me.

    The one who had saved me.

    LEAD ME HOME, HANDS DOWN, IS A TOP 2018 & LIFETIME ROMANCE! A.L. Jackson paints a passionate, poignant, and stunning story of epic love in Lead Me Home, the kind of love that lasts a lifetime, the kind that sparks the soul where you feel everything. Bravely tackling tough and sensitive subjects in Lead Me Home, A.L. Jackson masterfully shines light on the dark and ugly so healing can happen after heartbreak. This tale of tides—highs and lows, and pushes and pulls—sank into my soul, pulling me under, where I was drowning in emotion, an emotional eclipse that brought my senses to life. Lead Me Home led me and my emotions EVERYWHERE in a story that was and is EVERYTHING.

    ”It’s always the one who causes the biggest commotion inside us who leaves the biggest mark.”

    🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 devastatingly beautiful ‘dragonfly’ stars




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  • MJ

    A.L. Jackson has brought me to my knees. I knew Lead Me Home would somehow obliterate me, knowing full well that Oliver Preston's story was going to be rough. The journey we have all been nervously anticipating after reading both Show Me the Way and Follow Me Back. The final chapter in the lives of three lifelong friends who are the very definition of unconditional love. It is beyond epic. It is without a doubt, perfection.

    This book. This beautifully heartbreaking and incredible book. I was both

  • Liz

    I have absolutely loved the Fight for Me series by A.L. Jackson. It has been an emotional and heartwarming journey to get us to this point. And now, finally we get Ollie and Nikki’s story. This series are standalones with interconnected characters who are all friends. Though we have had some backstory on Ollie and Nikki in the previous books, but the author does a great job on ensuring readers do not feel lost and can be read as a standalone.

    Fourteen years ago, Ollie’s life changed forever. The

  • Elsa Gomes (BookishAurora)

    Rate: 10 / 5 stars

    My goodness I feel like I had been waiting for this book for forever. When I got the email that I was chosen for an arc and it had been sent, I was so overjoyed, I squealed. Squealed, guys. Ollie was finally here and I couldn't have been happier. Well, turns out that was a lie because reading this book made me the happiest, even when it hurt, even when it brought tears to my eyes, even when it made me feel like my heart would be ripped out of my chest. Because that's how it f

  • AJ

    4.5 heartwrenching second-chance stars!

    A.L. Jackson has finished off her Fight For Me series with an emotional punch, giving us the story of tormented Ollie, and the reconnection that we have been waiting for as he and his childhood sweetheart, Nikki, finally find their way back to each other.

    Ollie and Nikki grew up together the best of friends. Together with Ollie’s sister, Sydney, who was Nikki’s best friend, they were absolutely inseparable. Ollie and Nikki’s relationship changed as teenager

    He groaned in misery and released the words between the manic scourge of his mouth. “I need you, Nikki. Need you in a way I haven’t needed anything in all my life. Take it away. Fuck…please take it away.”

    If I could, I would.

    It was all I’d ever wanted to do.

    “Ollie.” His name was grief.



    “I need you, too. I’ve always needed you.”

    It’s clear that both Ollie and Nikki are in so much pain. There is so much love between them, and they both know it, but Ollie isn’t prepared to go there, instead punishing himself for the disappearance of his sister, and not feeling worthy of Nikki. It’s a storyline that can be annoying, but A.L. Jackson handles this one beautifully, and I could feel the emotion between them both as they battled with the tumultuous emotion between them.

    The problem was?

    I just…loved him.

    I did, and I had for too many years, and it hurt too much that he didn’t love me back.

    “You are everything I ever wished I could have.”

    When Nikki becomes the target of violence, Ollie is determined to protect her, bringing her into his home and shielding her like he never got the opportunity to do for his sister. And with the two of them in such close confines, it’s only a matter of time before all of those feels bubble to the surface, and their romantic rollercoaster begins.

    I loved this story. A.L. Jackson always writes with such intensity, and I could feel every single thing that was happening between Ollie and Nikki. Ollie’s heartbreak broke my heart, and I ached for him and the pain that he was still so clearly experiencing. But Nikki rocked my world with her strength and her determination to be there for him, and I absolutely loved her no-nonsense attitude as she laid it out for him, absolutely having his back but not putting up with his crap either.

    “Don’t want to hurt you, Nikki, and I’m pretty damned sure you don’t want me to hurt you, either.”

    She blinked up at me. No reservations when she should be running for her life. “Then don’t.”

    And when it all happened for them…. wow. The feels are off the charts, the passion is explosive, and the intensity (yes, that word again), makes you feel it all. I literally squeed out loud in one particular scene. The epicness of the moment absolutely insane. Gah, it was everything!

    “Sunshine,” he murmured like praise. “You are light and life. My life. My everything. Let me be yours.”

    Tears streaked free, and I lifted my chin, our mouths meeting as I whispered, “I’ve always been yours.”

    But danger and violence is sadly never far away. And as Ollie and Nikki are faced with the demons of their past once again, it will put everything that have found together to the test in ways they never could have imagined.

    This book was just what I was hoping it would be. Ollie and Nikki’s story completely consumed me, and I struggled to put it down. I loved their story, and the way they healed each other and opened their hearts to each other was so beautiful, and I was completely swept away by their romance.

    The couples from the previous books in the series are all a part of their journey, and I loved not only catching up with them and seeing where they were at, but I loved seeing them be there to support Ollie and Nikki. There’s a moment between the boys in this book that had tears streaming down my face… again with the feels! Great stuff!

    The only thing missing from this book was an epilogue. I would have loved to see this group again in the future as they live out their HEAs. I wonder whether we’ll get to see that in another book or novella, and can only hope so, because this is a hard group to let go of.

    I loved this book. A fantastic end to a great series.

    4.5 stars.

    An Advanced Review Copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


  • Wendy LeGrand

    Oh Ollie, Ollie, Ollie!! How I have been waiting for your story!! And A.L. Jackson delivered it in spades! From the moment we first met Ollie in the Fight For Me Series novella Hunt Me Down, I was intrigued by him. And I was doubly intrigued with the way that Nikki Walters would make eyes at Ollie and joke: "I'm going to flirt with Ollie over there and see if I can finally get that man to crack." which of course made me start thinking that there has been something going on that we just haven't ...more

  • Megan✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦

    “After all this time, he continued to remain possessive of me. Keeping me under his guarded watch. As if I were a child he needed to protect. As if he’d forgotten everything we’d been through together.

    What we’d almost been to each other.

    I’d made the mistake of falling for him a long, long time ago.”

    Lead Me Home is book three in the Fight for Me series and the one I have been anticipating the most. I absolutely loved this emotional story of second chances; the ups the downs and all that occu ...more

  • Bibi

    Pretty turn of phrase (aka purple prose), angsty plot, insubstantial story, and characters to whom I simply couldn’t connect. Further, the writing style of singe sentence paragraphs became annoying after the first chapter. Obviously, it’s me and not the book.