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Heavy Vinyl, Vol. 1 (Hi-Fi Fight Club)

When Chris joins the staff at her local record store, shes surprised to find out that her co-workers share a secret: theyre all members of a secret fight club that takeon the patriarchy and fightcrime!Starry-eyed Chris has just started the dream job every outcast kid in town wants: working at Vinyl Mayhem. It's as rad as she imagined; her boss is BOSS, her co-workers spend their time arguing over music, pushing against the patriarchy, and endlessly trying to form a band. When Rosie Riot, the staff's favorite singer, mysteriously vanishes the night before her bands show, Chris discovers her co-workers are doing more than just sorting vinyl . . . Her local indie record store is also a front for a teen girl vigilante fight club! Follow writer Carly Usdin (director of Suicide Kale) and artist Nina Vakueva (Liliths World) into the Hi-Fi Fight Club, where they deliver a rock and roll tale of intrigue and boundless friendship....

Title : Heavy Vinyl, Vol. 1 (Hi-Fi Fight Club)
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9781684151417
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 112 pages
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Heavy Vinyl, Vol. 1 (Hi-Fi Fight Club) Reviews

  • Celestine

    lovely art style, great diverse cast of kickass girls and an interesting concept

    its definitely entertaining to read

    the pacing of the first volume is a bit off for me personally, theres a lot happening in 4 issues that might have been better if it had been spread out a bit more, but its still fun

  • Tedi

    This graphic novel has compelling art, along with a story line with everything you need to make a good story: music, mystery, badass girls, the struggle to figure out who you are, and a little romance. Would definitely recommend.

  • Emma

    Fight Club, meets High Fidelity, meets Josie and the Pussycats.

  • Rod Brown

    It's my second super-diverse disappointingly generic Scooby-Doo adventure in a row. (See Moonstruck, Volume One: Magic to Brew) An appealing cast of characters goes to waste in a silly fight club that also fights crime and a convoluted missing person story that doesn't even wrap up in the first volume. Not sure I care enough to find out how it ends.

  • Marthese Formosa

    Heavy Vinyl (formerly Hi-Fi Fight Club) is a graphic novel (for now it's a stand alone but it will probably continue) about a group of teens (and 20s) that works at a record store but are also members of a fight club that fight injustice.

    Chris is the 'new' employee and the story is told from her POV mostly. Then there is Maggie, Chris' crush and Dolores, Chris' 'archnemesis' and Kennedy, who kicks ass. There is also Irene, their boss.

    Chris is very insecure, anxious, sucks at lying and trying to

  • Devann

    Cute art, cute story, cute girls [that have cute crushes on other cute girls], and awesome music - What's not to like? This is definitely a fun idea for a series and I can't wait for volume 2!

    Also I sent this page to my friend with the caption "i would be offended by the design of this girl asking where the new placebo album is if it wasn't so spot on" and she replied "lmao who let damien bloodmarch in here" so new headcanon accepted basically ;)

  • Kristin

    Everything in this feels like lip service. The '90s setting, the diversity, even the plot. None of it has any thought or reason behind it. Black girl likes Lauryn Hill, TLC, and hip-hop. Hispanic girl isn't Hispanic until she gets a sudden call from her Papi in the final issue. Everyone's super chill about having two dads or being a gay teen, when that's very much not how the '90s was (It's sadly not even how *now* is).

    If this had been a fluffy, Empire Records-type tale of life working at a musi

  • Vanda

    WOW ??? i loved this so much ??? cute girls cute art and music?? also they are fckn vigilantes??? damn