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Templar Silks

William Marshal has reached the end of his long and glorious life. On his deathbed at his manor in Caversham, he has one final task for his loyal servant: to fetch the silks William had woven in Jerusalem as a young man. William made a solemn promise to the Order of the Templars and he intends to leave the world as a member of that order.As he waits to perform to his last knightly duty, William is swept back into his own past. Determined to fulfil his last vow to his beloved Prince, William set forth on a quest to Jerusalem, which led him down dark and twisting paths, and brought him great passion and great loss... In the holiest and most dangerous of cities, William Marshall became the Greatest Knight....

Title : Templar Silks
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ISBN : 9780751564976
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 496 pages
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Templar Silks Reviews

  • Maria

    I am sure this is a great book and I usually adore anything by Elizabeth Chadwick but for some reason I just couldn't get into this novel! I'm sad about it and will probably give it another try in the future.

  • Chroniclesoftania

    William finds his judgments questioned time and time again while journeying through unknown lands such as Constantinople to the Holy Land. He almost dies in his attempt to get to his destination. When he finally gets there after months on the road, the Holy Land isn’t what he expects it to be. Instead of the morally upright and ethical citizens he expects, he discovers a nest of vipers, a worldly prelate with a concubine and political factions vying for power as the young King Baldwin dies of le ...more