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Minecraft: The Island

Minecraft: The Island by Max Brooks, #1 New York Times bestselling author of World War Z, is the first official Minecraft novel. In the tradition of iconic stories like Robinson Crusoe and Treasure Island, Minecraft: The Island will tell the story of a new hero stranded in the world of Minecraft, who must survive the harsh, unfamiliar environment and unravel the secrets of the island.From the Hardcover edition....

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Minecraft: The Island Reviews

  • Irraya

    This book was a fun read. I know nothing about minecraft, the game, except that it has square figures and you build stuff. The only reason I wanted to try this is because I love World War Z.

    The premise of this book is that a character (either male or female, entirely up to you) is stranded on an island with a different set of rules than our world. S/he has to figure out how to survive in that world, and figure out the rules there.

    It's a nice introduction to the game world and an interesting way

  • Louis

    I bought the ebook of Minecraft: The Island because I was curious what the author, Max Brooks who wrote World War Z would do with it.

    I’m familiar with the game as I played it a couple of years ago. As an adult I thought the game was wonderfully original and while I’ve moved on to others, I continue to see its influence in more modern takes on the survival genre.

    I read this book in snippets as I ate lunch or was stuck in a line at the store. I think if one just sat down and focused on it, you

  • Christie

    This was not for me. Why did I read this?

  • Christopher

    While it wasn't terrible, I felt a little misled by the Max Brooks part of this equation. I guess I shouldn't have expected World War M?

    At any rate, I read this because my son is big into the game and I wanted to have something we could share. This was way more Y than A than most books and was almost a game guide at points. Very hard to read something that is telling you / describing to you how to manage inventory.

    There was one truly laugh out loud moment when you meet the animals for the first

  • Leigh Ann

    Some people seem to be unaware that this book is aimed towards the 8-12 year old age group. LOL (I get it; I had to check after realizing that the author of one of my favorite zombie novels wrote this!) Anyhow, my 11-year old son and I thoroughly enjoyed this book and after finding out that the audio version is read by Jack Black, we may try that, too! Two aspects keep me from giving this 5 stars, the first being that sometimes situations are resolved or glossed over too quickly and easily. This ...more

  • Rod Brown

    I had a pretty serious Minecraft addiction for a few years, building a 30,000 block perimeter road around my kingdom that stretched 5,000 blocks east to west and 10,000 blocks north to south. Inside this boundary was a modest castle, sixteen fortified villages, a limited overworld subway system, a smaller netherworld subway system, a dozen desert temple homes, four jungle temple homes, an oasis house built around a well, an excavated end portal temple and a completely drained ocean temple, all c ...more

  • Liliana Marchesi

    Domani troverete la recensione sul mio Blog e su quello di Leggere Distopico 😊

  • Dolly

    I really enjoyed reading World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, so when I saw this book at our local library, I immediately borrowed it for our Minecraft-obsessed daughter. She liked the book, and I really didn't think much more about it.

    That is, until I listened to the Nerdist podcast where Chris Hardwick interviewed Mr. Brooks (again) and I knew I had to check out the audiobook (it's narrated by Jack Black!!)

    One of the fascinating things I learned by listening to the podcast is that t