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One of the most controversial women of history is brought to life in Donna Woolfolk Cross's tale of Pope Joan, a girl whose origins should have kept her in squalid domesticity. Instead, thru intelligence, indomitability & courage, she ascended to the Roman throne as Pope John Anglicus. The time is 814, the place is Ingelheim, a Frankland village. It's the harshest winter in living memory when Joan is born to an English father & Saxon mother. Her father is a canon, filled with holy zeal, capable of unconscionable cruelty. His piety doesn't extend to his family, especially females. His wife, Gudrun, is a young beauty to whom he's attracted beyond his will. He hates her for showing him his weakness. Gudrun teaches Joan about her gods & is repeatedly punished for it by the canon. Joan grows to young womanhood with the combined knowledge of the warlike Saxon gods & Church teachings as her heritage. When her brother John, not a scholarly type, is sent away to school, Joan, who was supposed to be the one sent to school, runs away & joins him in Dorstadt, at Villaris, the home of Gerold. She falls in love with him. Their lives interesect repeatedly even thru her Papacy. She's looked upon by all who know that she's a woman as a "lusus naturae," a freak of nature. "She was... male in intellect, female in body, she fit in nowhere; it was as if she belonged to a 3rd amorphous sex." The status of women in the Dark Ages was little better than cattle. They were judged inferior in every way & necessary evils in the bargain. After John is killed in a Viking raid, Joan sees opportunity to escape the fate of her gender. She cuts her hair, dons her dead brother's clothes & goes into the world as a young boy. Gerold is away from Villaris at the time of the attack & comes home to find his home in ruins, his family killed & Joan missing. After the attack, Joan goes to a Benedictine monastery, is accepted as a man of great learning & eventually makes her way to Rome. Cross tells in an Epilogue that she wrote the story as fiction because it's impossible to document Joan's papal accession. The Catholic Church has done everything possible to deny this embarrassment. Whether or not one believes in Joan as Pope, this is a compelling story, filled with all kinds of lore: the brutishness of the Dark Ages, Vatican intrigue, politics, favoritism & the place of women.--Valerie Ryan (edited)...

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Pope Joan Wikipedia Pope Joan, , Ioannes Anglicus was, according to popular legend, a woman who reigned as pope for a few years during the Middle Ages Her story first Pope Joan So, who s this Pope Joan Maybe you ve heard of her the medieval legend, the woman who passed as a man These days she runs a bustling precinct of eating and CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA Pope Joan NEW ADVENT The fable about a female pope, who afterwards bore the name of Johanna Joan , is first noticed in the middle of the thirteenth century Pope Joan The Female Pope whose Real Ancient Origins The origins of the Papacy can be traced to St Peter, one of the original disciples of Jesus The current pope, Francis I, is the th successor of St Peter. Legends surrounding the papacy Wikipedia The papacy has been surrounded by numerous legends Among the most famous are the claims that the papal tiara bears the Number of the Beast inscriptions, that a woman Who was Pope Joan Ask History The Vatican s official records state that all of the than Catholic popes have been men, but according to a medieval legend, a lady Jessica Joan Pope The Chanute Tribune Jessica Joan Pope, , of Topeka and former Erie resident, passed away Wednesday afternoon, March , at the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA The Pope NEW ADVENT The Pope Please help support the mission of New Advent and get the full contents of this website as an instant download Includes the Catholic Encyclopedia, Church Saint Joan of Arc Roman Catholic Church, Phoenix, AZ Welcome Thank you for responding to Our Lord s invitation to follow Him here at St Joan of Arc Here you will find out what it means to be an intentional disciple Home St Joan of Arc Catholic Church and SchoolSt Joan Last Saturday was a beautiful day for all our families here at St Joan of Arc Church School Our campus was complete with a Jumbo Slide, Bumper Cars, Games, Face

Pope Joan Reviews

  • Sammy

    Before I started reading this book I gave a brief summary to some of my friends who saw that I had just bought it and were wondering about it. That got us into a heated discussion about how completely outrageous it is for a woman to dress up as a man. How it's pretty much impossible to get away with it seeing as you'll always end up in some sort of situation where you have to reveal yourself for what you really are.

    That discussion ended up shading me slightly when I began to read, thinking, "Rea

  • Silver

    All in all I would say this book was an enjoyable read and there were some things about it which I found to be interesting. I did like the way in which this book explored the lives of women living in this time period and particularly explored the challenges and struggles of those women who did want to break the mold and wanted more for their lives than what was expected of them and what was allowed to them.

    But there were some issues I had with the book.

    One of my biggest complaints about the bo

  • Orsolya

    Avid readers always tend to say that we like books better than the films that they are eventually adapted into. However, sometimes I read books and think, “Maybe the movie will be better”. That is the case with Pope Joan. The legend of Pope Joan is a strong one with sides arguing whether it is a made-up folklore or a cover-up due to illiteracy in record-keeping, embarrassment of the Church leading to falsification of records, or simple propaganda. This controversy can result in an edgy and highl ...more

  • Pedram

    یوحنا دختری که در قرون وسطا از پدری کشیش و انگلیسی و مادری ساکسونی بدنیا آمد. اول برادر بزرگترش به او کمی سواد خواندن یاد داد و برخلاف سختگیریها پدرش او معلم خصوصی یونانیای پیدا کرد. سپس به همراه برادرش به مدرسهای مذهبی فرستاده شد و بعد از حمله به آن منطقه او در لباسی مبدل به شکل مردی درآمد و این سررشته پیشرفتهای او شد تا اینکه به مقامی پاپی در رم رسید.

    رمان روایتی هیجانانگیز دارد که همه گونه اتفاق در آن یافت میشود. جنگ و خونریزی، انتقام و بخشش، عشق و خیانت... همه آنچه که یک فیلم هالیوودی نیاز دا

  • Ricardo Serra

    Sempre que oiço alguém dizer "Não gosto de ler", penso sempre que infelizmente nunca encontrou o livro certo. Por isso começo por agradecer ao meu bom amigo Marco Caetano, as inúmeras obras que me tem recomendado, pois nas suas indicações tenho-me deleitado com várias horas de prazer literário.

    A Papisa Joana foi mais um dos seus notáveis conselhos. Uma obra assombrosa, divinal! Um livro que me fascinou ao primeiro capitulo e que me fez devorar autenticamente as suas folhas, ao ponto de quando t

  • Manybooks

    Maybe I should NOT try to claim that I have actually and indeed finished reading Donna Woolfolk Cross' Pope Joan, as I have now tried to peruse this here novel a total of four times and not been able (or even in any way all that willing) to proceed past page 90 or so (always giving up in both despair and often even anger). However, and my sincere apologies to those of you who have actually loved Pope Joan (and there does seem to be quite a large number of fans), if I am unable to get past page 9 ...more

  • Marina Finlayson

    This was a novelisation of the life of the probably-real female pope, Pope Joan. So few records remain that historians cannot agree on whether she actually existed, and the "facts" of her life are few, so the author had lots of scope for invention. Her use, more than once, of amazing coincidences to get Joan out of trouble bothered me, but I couldn't fault the historical side of the novel. She obviously did a lot of research, and has recreated the look and feel of an often-overlooked part of his ...more

  • Sahar

    Donna Wolfolk cross

    نویسنده ای که تا بحال کتابی به فارسی از ایشان ترجمه نشده است جز کتاب پاپ یوحنا

    در انتهای کتاب تعدادی سند تاریخی ذکر شده از وجود پاپ مونث در اسناد واتیکان که به عمد دستکاری شدن . پاپی که در حوالی سال ۸۵۰ میلادی می زیسته

    یک پاپ مونث .

    در زمانی که هنوز زنان به این باور نرسیده بودند که میتوانند حقوقی مساوی مردان طلب کنند و به جای احقاق حقوق خود لباس مردانه پوشیده و به فعالیت اجتماعی میپرداختند . تعداد این زنان هر چند کم اما نشان دهنده ی تلاش آنها برای حضور در جامعه بوده است . ترس