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Title : The Song of Troy
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ISBN : 9780752817637
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
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The Song of Troy Reviews

  • Mel Bossa

    Honestly, this is a travesty.

    Of course, I understand that The Iliad and its chorus of fascinating characters have inspired hundreds of authors and poets across the centuries and that they have all interpreted in their own way, but this wasn't an interpretation or an hommage. This was, for me, a desecration of Homer's epic poem and I can't believe it got published.

    What's more disturbing to me is that this wasn't written by an amateur who didn't know anything about the work or its time period. No

  • Michael

    Very readable account of the Trojan Wars. Somehow manages to retain a level of historical gravitas and tell a rip-roaring war story at the same time.

  • Vilja / Kirjaneito

    Todella kiinnostava kirja! Antiikki-huumassani päädyin lukemaan tämän heti Akhilleen laulun jälkeen, mikä ei ehkä ollut Troijan laululle edullisin vaihtoehto. Päädyin jatkuvasti vertailemaan kirjoja keskenään ja vaikka teokset ovat keskenään todella erilaisia, eikä niitä varsinaisesti voi asettaa paremmuusjärjestykseen, Akhilleen laulu iski enemmän tunteisiin. Siinä missä edellä mainittu on katsaus Akhilleen ja Patrokleen rakkaustarinaan, Troijan laulu käsittelee kokonaisvaltaisemmin koko Troija ...more

  • Ana

    I love Greek mythology. I love ancient things. I love everything that has to do with Troy. I even love the movie, despite its inaccuracies.

    Scheming deities, doomed lovers and epic battles. That's my jam.

    Looking forward to seeing Achilles, Agamemnon, Menelaos, Diomedes, Aias, Odysseus, Nestor, Helen, Patroklos, Aeneas, Hektor, Andromache, Hekuba, Cassandra, Paris, Briseis, Zeus, Hera, Athena, Aphrodite, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Hades, Hermes, Poseidon, Thetis and the rest of the gang.

  • David Sierra

    Colleen McCullough vuelve a mostrar su dominio de la ficción histórica acercándonos esta vez a la guerra que tanto influyó en la literatura occidental. Los personajes se nos muestran cercanos, con sus dudas y flaquezas, narrándonos algunos en primera persona momentos clave de la misma historia. Helena, Aquiles, Ulises, Príamo, Héctor, y tantos, tantos iconos de la Grecia Clásica. La narración hace que la historia nos parezca verosímil, intentando unir la mitología con las realidades descubiertas ...more

  • Nacho

    Revisión de la Iliada despojada de factores mágicos, divinos y míticos. Los héroes, por ejemplo, son bastardos, lo que explica que sean hijos de mujer y dios. Ese punto desmitificador está bien, pero la alternancia de puntos de vista en la narración no cuaja. Se deja leer.

  • Emily

    In general, I did like this take on the Trojan tale, but I have a couple of criticisms.

    The narration device of having a different viewpoint in each chapter is one of my favourites, but in this case it was often difficult to tell one from the other. I think having fewer voices, more clearly defined, would have made the story immeasurely better.

    My other criticism is that the author clearly has her favourites. Achilles and Odysseus have been firmly manipulated, with portions of the story greatly c

  • Zoe Saadia

    Greatly enjoyed this novel!

    Being a hardcore fan of McCullough already, I've expected much and, surprisingly, I got more.

    As expected she once again succeeded in bringing to life a very ancient, and mainly forgotten, world of a legend, but she did more than this for me with the ever-changing, first-person point of view.

    Deserves 5 stars in my opinion :)